Sequantis LT (Look Through) is the Sequantis Regtech subsidiary. Sequantis partners set up Sequantis LT by leveraging expertise developed on behalf of institutional investors, more precisely the work undertaken to help them achieve compliance with the Solvency II directive. Solvency II obliges institutional actors to detail all their investments, including mutual funds. They are required to retrieve data line by line from each fund. This is a task often entrusted to Sequantis Invest, which consequently has a very extensive funds database. This has been made available to asset management companies since 2016. In this way, Sequantis LT helps them to ensure the full transparency of their portfolios through its reporting outsourcing services.

But there’s more. With this specialist expertise developed for institutional investors as its starting point, Sequantis LT has put in place a suite of process outsourcing services to assist asset management companies in their efforts to meet inherited regulatory compliance obligations. These are all laws and regulations that do not concern them directly but that they are required to obey in order to service their clients, whether these are insurance companies, mutual insurance companies or distributors. This is a niche already occupied by traditional asset servicing specialists such as banks (fund administrators and custodians) and data providers. But as a Regtech, Sequantis offers a number of advantages: you can expect innovation, speed of action and competitive pricing.

In-depth knowledge of regulators and the knack of anticipating their demands

As a Regtech, Sequantis LT leverages its detailed knowledge of regulations and the digital tools it develops to help its clients ensure compliance. Sequantis LT has in-depth knowledge of the regulators, their requirements and policies. The company’s detailed knowledge enables it to make fine adjustments to adapt to the requirements of oversight bodies responsible for the financial sector, thanks to its record of accomplishment on behalf of institutional clients in reporting outsourcing. With Sequantis LT, asset management companies are sure to deliver the information their clients need.

“We work with a wide range of institutional clients, such as insurance companies, on whose behalf we have already created reports that have been transmitted to the ACPR, the banking and insurance regulator. We also work with retirement funds and, more generally, we have developed expertise in terms of documentation required by oversight bodies,” explain Nicolas Fournier and Thierry Bercovici, partners in Sequantis. This is your assurance of security and efficiency.

Constantly monitoring the regulatory horizon to stay at the forefront

Sequantis LT constantly monitors the regulatory horizon to keep abreast of the endless output from regulators and legislators: monitoring the various stages of new regulations and legislation, noting guidance from regulators, etc. This permanent monitoring effort enables Sequantis LT to rapidly develop new functions as soon as a new compliance regulation and/or requirement emerges.

This allows it to anticipate its clients’ needs. As a Regtech, Sequantis LT has a team of developers able to set up a platform and/or tools that are simple to access, easy to understand and that generate results in compliance with the very latest standards.

At the heart of its activity: regulatory compliance

Every regulatory task asset management companies are required to perform can be completed with assistance from Sequantis LT to ensure compliance. Among the much used and recently developed tools is a platform to assist asset management companies and insurers to comply with the requirements of PRIIPS and MiFID II.

These are two critically important regulations for asset management companies as they govern the entire fund distribution process, thereby impacting their ability to place products with intermediaries. Sequantis LT retrieves all datasets needed to create and present the reports required.

Highly agile and able to adapt to every market trend

Sequantis LT is by nature highly agile, constantly adapting to changing regulations and the needs of its clients in regulatory BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and BPaaS (Business Process as a Service). Its expertise covers all classes of instruments and all types of products developed by asset management companies. Data can be permanently updated to respond to trends and changes/movements in the market.

Independence that benefits its clients

Sequantis is wholly independent. The company was established in 2001 by a group of specialist consultants. Our experts who work with asset management companies are not tied to any other group, although all have experience working with major names from the banking and insurance worlds. They work solely and uniquely in the best interests of their clients, nobody else.

Guaranteed performance signals reliability

As an independent firm, Sequantis LT is determined to prioritise client satisfaction as it seeks to grow its business. To this end, Sequantis LT offers a performance guarantee. This covers more than deadlines, which are always met. Every Sequantis client is ready when due dates for filings arrive. It’s also about quality. Being ready on time is not enough, what’s important is to ensure that clients and regulators receive documents that are compliant and consistent.

For example, documents forming part of MiFID II or PRIIPS requirements that illustrate a manager’s performance, fee structure, changes to its strategy as a function of market evolutions, and so on. These documents should enable third parties to make informed decisions.

Experts on hand

Thanks to its activities involving the creation of reports on funds, Sequantis LT has established a very extensive database that enables it to constantly offer new products. For example, it is currently developing new simulation tools for institutional investors and private clients. These simulations can look at risk scenarios, the introduction of a new asset class or fund allocation.

Custom reports with risk calculations to reflect the end clients’ needs can also be created. These are extremely useful sales support tools for distributors and asset management companies alike.

Excellent agility delivers attractive pricing

Sequantis LT has developed proprietary models, established in-house databases and runs fully automated procedures that give it the agility to adapt to its clients’ needs at extremely competitive prices compared to traditional providers, which are subsidiaries of major groups. For example, a Solvency II compliant report costs €1500 to €2000. Quality and low prices make Sequantis LT a leading partner to asset management companies.

Clients have peace of mind

Sequantis LT adapts to all its clients’ needs. Its technology platform enables it to deliver custom offers that take account of each client’s specific needs and situation. This means that asset management companies can safely outsource the production of statutory documents to Sequantis LT, with complete peace of mind in terms of fulfilment, timeframes and suitability. The platform has been developed in such a way as to ensure that it delivers solutions irrespective of internal structures and IT systems at client businesses.

It intervenes very early in the process, retrieving all relevant data which it then reprocesses in-house. “We extract all the data needed and reformat them as necessary,” explain Nicolas Fournier and Thierry Bercovici, cofounders of Sequantis. This approach avoids errors and improves the consistency of results. To make access simpler, the interface has been designed to be highly intuitive.

Filling requirements, meeting deadlines

The ever-increasing number of laws and regulations that asset management companies have to comply with is a significant drain on staff time. Staff can be overwhelmed by the complexity and volume of statutory tasks, but are nonetheless required to meet all applicable deadlines. With Sequantis LT, asset management companies can be certain of meeting every deadline, and of the quality of all documents and filled data.