SFDR Reports – CSSF


The CSSF of Luxembourg has set up a new reporting system to collect all pre-contractual SFDR data.
Sequantis produces the “JSON” file requested by the CSSF by June 15.

New EIOPA report – QRT S.06.04


EIOPA will introduce a new QRT dedicated to climate change at 2023 EOY. We are ready to fill in these new data for our clients.

City of London, Big Bang v2 ?


The City of London aims at reforming insurance rules, based on the European regulation Solvency 2, in a post-Brexit strive for deregulation in the insurance sector.

European ESG Template – EET Version 1.0


The European ESG Template (EET) is meant to facilitate the necessary exchange of data between product manufacturer and distributor for the purpose of fulfilling ESG-related regulatory requirements