Sequantis in French Fintech100


Ranking by Finance Innovation, Truffle Capital, BPCE, Sopra Banking Software, Sopra Steria, MIND Research (see : fintech100.fr)

SFDR Reports – CSSF


The CSSF of Luxembourg has set up a new reporting system to collect all pre-contractual SFDR data.
Sequantis produces the “JSON” file requested by the CSSF by June 15.

Sequantis in CCR Re roundtable


On April 27th Sequantis will participate in CCR Re roundtable. On the agenda : the challenges concerning natural disasters.

New EIOPA report – QRT S.06.04


EIOPA will introduce a new QRT dedicated to climate change at 2023 EOY. We are ready to fill in these new data for our clients.

City of London, Big Bang v2 ?


The City of London aims at reforming insurance rules, based on the European regulation Solvency 2, in a post-Brexit strive for deregulation in the insurance sector.

European ESG Template – EET Version 1.0


The European ESG Template (EET) is meant to facilitate the necessary exchange of data between product manufacturer and distributor for the purpose of fulfilling ESG-related regulatory requirements

ESG round table – by Alpha FMC


Himadou Alou (Sequantis LT) participated in the round table organised by consulting firm Alpha FMC in Paris, about ESG and innovation in Asset Management – on Feb 17th.

Sequantis obtains Fintech label


Sequantis Transition Monitor software is awarded Fintech label by Finance Innovation, France’s official innovation Cluster for the financial industry

FinDatEx publishes TPT V6


The FinDatEx Solvency II technical working group prepared an update of the Solvency II Tripartite Template.

PRIIPs : a digital regulation ?


In this article, we explain why we think the PRIIPs regulation will oblige product manufacturers and distributors to engage in high volume and high automation processes to be able to produce the required Key Information Documents.

Climate change and Insurance


In this article we examine how climate change affects Insurance : climate change is a double risk for the insurance sector, a solvability risk as well as an existential threat for some insurance activities.