Sequantis Invest, the leading asset servicer 2.0

Sequantis Invest, a Sequantis subsidiary, specialises in asset servicing. Most of its clients are institutional investors, but it also works with non-profit associations and foundations, assisting them with various tasks relating to their investment monitoring: valuations, reporting, etc. Sequantis Invest is very different from most other asset service companies, particularly those that are subsidiaries of large banks. It is both independent and highly responsive, its platform Insight is designed to aggregate multichannel information (from Data vendors, Asset Managers, Custodians,…). To sum up:  Sequantis Invest simplifies complex processes and works hand in hand with its clients.

Multichannel centralisation serving institutional investors

Sequantis Invest works with multiple custodians and a wide range of asset management companies, reconciling data on their behalf. This highly specialised approach is what sets Sequantis Invest apart. “Traditional asset service companies are quite happy with assets that are lodged in their accounts, but sometimes have more trouble with aggregating data from multiple sources or other custodians, explains Olivier Durquety, a partner in Sequantis and head of Sequantis Invest. This type of reconciliation and aggregation, however, is part of the DNA at Sequantis Invest. From the outset, it has always worked with a large variety of clients, to retrieve data from investors themselves as well as from all entities they deal with.

Accuracy and precision are the hallmarks of Sequantis Invest

The company doesn’t simply collect data, it also reprocesses them. “Our work involves achieving consistency for data collected from a variety of sources”, says Olivier Durquety. The data collected are often extremely disparate. Data has to be reprocessed before it can be aggregated and used to calculate the various reporting indicators needed. What Sequantis Invest does is not consolidation of reported data, rather it creates reporting data from consolidated information. The heart of Sequantis Invest’s activity is working with clean data. One of Sequantis Invest’s key advantages is its data-cleaning capacity.

Complexity made simple

These complex procedures (data retrieval, data cleaning, etc.) are carried out solely using Sequantis Invest’s in-house computer systems, which have been specially designed for the task. Processing financial data can be complex, highly complex in fact, for institutional investors if not part of their core business. They can choose to outsource these operations and rely instead on the teams at Sequantis Invest. The data can then be used for reporting, particularly to regulators. Compliance is facilitated by the way Sequantis Invest is structured. Having served institutional investors for many years it has in-depth knowledge of what their oversight bodies require.

Independence that benefits its clients

Sequantis Invest isn’t tied to any major finance industry player. Sequantis Invest is agile, fast and efficient. Its information systems can retrieve data in bulk, from any source. The company works with all types of market professionals and their international affiliates.

Services at very competitive rates

Our rates are highly competitive when compared to traditional asset service providers and their high fixed costs. Payments to Sequantis Invest are in the form of a licence fee, Insight is also a software package provided to the company’s clients. The software is annually licensed and charges vary according to portfolio complexity, the number of assets held and the number of different data sources to be linked with. Sequantis Invest is one of the very few asset servicers 2.0 providers serving the French markets.

Client services ideally located [in Paris] for monitoring institutional investments

To provide proper monitoring of its institutional clients’ investments, client services at Sequantis Invest are located in Paris and are available at any time during business hours. Our client services team member speak French and English. Our team members are fully conversant with the obligations facing institutional investors: Solvency II for insurers as well as the various French codes governing insurance, social security, etc., and relevant accounting standards, French and IFRS. Sequantis Invest has over a decade’s experience working with institutional investors and finance directors of major organisations both large, such as insurance companies, and smaller, such as “Mutuelles”. Sequantis Invest assists every one of its clients via its client services team who are always reachable to answer finance directors’ questions about the data obtained or more general queries about the immediate regulatory outlook. Sequantis Invest is both a dynamic technology start-up and a seasoned market consultancy. Our service to clients is located close to them and is totally personalised. Each team member services 8 to 10 institutional clients, meaning that they know them in great detail and establish lasting working relationships.