HSBC Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey 2019



HSBC has recently published its 2019 Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey (the document is here).

Here are a few interesting takeaways for the invesment community :

  • 54 per cent of investors say they are motivated to invest sustainably because doing so may lead to improved returns or reduced risk.
  • For issuers, external factors are a stronger catalyst, 46 per cent say that regulation is a key driver.
  • A fifth of US issuers think they will never be affected by climate change, but none do not believe in it.
  • Large shifts in capital allocation are coming, in response to sustainability issues. Two thirds of issuers (and in the Middle East 85%) expect to reallocate capital noticeably in the next five years.
  • Disclosure to the market on sustainability performance, has a long way to go. Issuers are ahead and many expect to increase disclosure in future. Many investors still disclose little or nothing on the sustainability of their portfolios.